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In harmony with nature

To obtain excellent seafood products, extraordinary living conditions are required. That's why at Blue Line Company, we are extremely attentive to the well-being of our fish and the respect for the environment. The aquaculture industry is one of the fastest-growing food production sectors and currently contributes to the supply of over 50% of the fish consumed globally. We believe that responsible fish farming represents a fundamental solution to ensure sustainable food supply for humanity and we are proud to take a leading role in the industry.

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Sustainability is at the center of our supply chain. We are proud to support a supply chain that shares our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. We are proud to work with certified partners to ensure maximum quality with minimal environmental impact. Change is the driving force behind our actions, and we are always looking for alternatives to improve our processes. Choosing our products means choosing a sustainable product, from the supply chain to the table.


Quality and careful selection of raw materials are the fundamental principles that guide the production of our food. The choice of fresh and healthy raw materials ensures not only an intense taste, but also the full preservation of nutritional properties and maximum food safety. The combination of a quality product and a reliable service is the foundation of our success in the relationship with customers and what sets us apart from the competition.


BRC Global Certificate

The BRC certification ensures the quality and safety of food products offered to consumers by suppliers and retailers in the food industry.

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The main goal of the GAP certification is to promote safe and sustainable agriculture on a global scale. It sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products worldwide.

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IFS Food

IFS Food is an international standard for the evaluation of product and process compliance with regards to food safety and quality.

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ASC is a certification program that ensures the welfare of animals and the environment. Created by the WWF, it is considered the most rigorous environmental sustainability standard in the field of aquaculture.

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