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Smoked and processed on-site

Choose our healthy, convenient, and delicious products to impress with quality salmon that's ready to eat. Our fish are sustainably raised and expertly processed. The entire life of the fish is followed with strict attention: from the moment the egg is laid, to hatching in freshwater, and then in low-density sea farms, all the way to smoking and distribution.


Taste the quality of Atlantic salmon "Salmo Salar" processed, packaged, and smoked with low-temperature beechwood in the heart of Norway. Thanks to dry hand salting and complete removal of the brown muscle, you can taste all the freshness and softness of the product without freezing. The Seafood from Norway logo guarantees the superior quality of our product.

*Products are available in different sizes starting from 50 g


Our smoked salmon is made from salmon raised in the crystal-clear waters of Scotland and processed on-site. The recipe is simple: fresh fillets are hand salted with dry sea salt and slowly smoked in low-temperature ovens with natural beech smoke. It is during this phase that the salmon acquires its typical delicate flavor.

*Products are available in different sizes starting from 50 g.


Discover our line of smoked specialties, coming from the purest waters of Northern Europe. Icelandic Salmon, smoked according to ancient local traditions, offers a unique and intense flavour; Salmon Trout, with its delicate and tasty flavor; and the delicious Sockeye smoked wild salmon. The Filet Royale, a superb slice of smoked salmon, is ideal for your gourmet recipes.

*Products are available in different sizes starting from 50 g

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